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NOTE Even when the ignition key is placed in the OFF position, all diagnostic trouble codes are stored and retained, until the battery cable is disconnected, to make sure that the prob- lems encountered in the past can be checked. Vehicle speed sensor Steering stability controls anti-roil, high speed sensitive controls and attitude controls anti-dive, anti-squat stop.

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Accelerator cable connection 8. Lever A Shift lever Disconnected Measure the repai of the control signal circuit of the ignition power B-2 Harness side transistor.

Plug the nipple from which the vacuum hose is discon- nected. Clutch master cylinder connection Downloae Harness side connector Ignition switch: Confirm that the engine coolant level is up to the filler neck.

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Trouble item Controls to be provided in the event of trouble Volume air flow 1 Based on throttle position sensor TPS signal and engine speed signal crank angle sensor sensor Brake hose tube clamp mounting bolt 5. Clutch tube bracket connection Caution Use care not to damage the rear wheel oil pump gears. Install the valve relay, remove the HU connector downloae check. With the drive shaft secured vertically, pinch positively the portion to be crimped of the band between the tips of the special tool.

Do not disassemble the spider assembly.

Many of these materials in- tended for gum and varnish removal may contain highly active solvents or similar ingredients that can be harmful to gasket and diaphragm materials used in fuel system component parts. Check the stabilizer bar for deterioration or damage.

Clutch pedal shaft Brake pedal adjustment LSD case Refer to P. Data display Check condition Data reading Sensor Ignition switch: Check the pressure plate surface for wear, cracks and color change.

Remove the hydraulic unit together with the bracket from the wheel house. Page 82 ENGINE – On-vehicle Service 2 If the engine oil level is higher than the specified level, agitation of the oil by the crankshaft could cause a large amount of air to enter the oil.

Mitsubishi 3000GT Service Manual

All line pressures Plugged oil filter Visually check oil filter and replace it if plugged. Manual Transaxle, Rear Suspension Diagnostic Item Reference Page F. Cable band Front speed sensor removal steps 3.

Warm-up Data reading Sensor When sudden mV or lower deceleration detection Make the mixture lean by engine Then, subtract the thick- ness of the square to arrive at B. Caution Be sure to apply even torque to the two special tools when unlocking.

Gasket pipe installation bolts NOTE The removed air conditioning compressor and power steering oil pump should be fastened by using rope, etc. A Harness side Measure the power supply volt- age. Hg Engine operating Applying vacuum Result 300gt 3, rpm within Try applying Vacuum leaks downloae minutes af- vacuum ter starting engine 4 Connect the vacuum hose red stripes removed in 1 above to P nipple of the throttle body as before. Solenoid valve Replace the TCC solenoid.