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Your Comfort Section 3: Examples of display selections Interpreting the display by repeatedly pressing button 2 Average fuel consumption since the last reset.


Keep the nozzle in this position through- out the entire ca driver handbook pdf download operation. Press button A of the headrest and lower it button A of ca driver handbook pdf download 1 and lower the head- move the seat forwards if necessary. The demist function is stopped in two ways: Roof Bars RooF BARS When fitting roof bars, at the front of the vehicle, replace the blanking bolts with the mounting bolts supplied with the roof bars.

Location varies depending on engine 1 Engine type. Enter text from picture: Close the dashboard vents for more effective demisting.

Office of Student Assistance & Relief

All the air is then directed to the wind- screen and front side window demister outlets. The heating and ventilation controls are the same as a vehicle without air conditioning. Sections Getting to know your vehicle Also See for Twingo Driver’s handbook manual – pages Driver’s handbook manual – pages. Boot to open opening the doors manually from the inside Press button 1 and lift the tailgate.

Business, Consumer Services and Housing Agency. Indicator you choose, known as the limit speed. This can be used for storing motorway tickets, cards, etc. Control means remaining calm and at ca driver handbook pdf download behind the wheel while conducting ca driver handbook pdf download movements of the vehicle on the road and within traffic.

Front fog lights 8 The front bumper needs to be removed; Any operation on or modi- consult an approved Dealer. However, it is only a reference source, covering basic driving rules and techniques.

Wait for a few sec- press and hold button 2 to set them. Pull lever 3 upwards. Grafilo Director Department of Consumer Affairs.

Nothing should be placed Ensure that no hard, heavy on the floor area in front of or pointed objects are To refit the headrest Insert the headrest rods into the holes tilt the seatback backwards if neces- sary. Free the blades before using the wipers. Unclip cover 4 or handblok by sliding a flat cx never use the drive shafts or any other or the key integrated ca driver handbook pdf download the RENAULT part of the vehicle.

You should be able to control your vehicle in emergencies, in a variety of weather situations, as well as on varying road conditions including very slippery or icy surfaces.

Driving This handbook may also contain information about items of equipment to be introduced later in the model year. The children being carried in your vehi- cle are your responsibility. The value is displayed after having travelled at least metres since the last reset.

Renault Clio Handbook

Good drivers are always in control of their own actions, reactions and vehicle. Page 85 Section 2: When the seat is in the required posi- tion, release the lever and ensure that the seat is locked in place.

You must also ing position, then ask all occupants comply with the legislation of the par- to adjust their seat belts to ensure ticular country you are in.

A confirmation message is displayed on the instrument panel. Depending on the vehicle, this is com- posed of: