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How similar am I to you? Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait.

Saturday, 1st February, Wednesday, 27th November, Please be aware that I do not wish to breach copyright here. There is a thread in general gaming forum that is being maintained by interested parties.

Reset Fields Log in. I have all my books in physical format, and I intend to buy every book that comes out in physical format, but I had a question about the PDF’s if anyone knows, as I was thinking of getting a copy of the player resources as PDF as well.

Login Register forgot password? Basically as the collection gets larger it comes to the point where I’d like to be able to leave my physical books at home, for when we play at my house or when I’m making characters etc, and on my character sheets I can reference pages and book d&d 4th edition books pdf download for basically everything that matters, and just have my laptop the size of one book to look stuff up with at others houses.

Attaching a file vs showing a file By Fenris in forum Meta. Errors The following errors occurred with your submission. Originally Posted by Papercut.

D&D Rulebooks – Google Drive

Wednesday, 4th May, It seems like now would be a good time to get started since getting book and pdf versions of each player resource just gets harder and harder as more are released. I’ve checked out the site and it all looks good. Those pirated copies had to come from some source and if it’s the official PDF’s, the errors they have would have been from those.

The books are bulky and I have d&d 4th edition books pdf download space. I just can’t fit any more hardback treeware sdition into my life What I’m concerned about is if the official retail PDF’s are word for word matches to the printed books or if they contain the same errors the pirate copies floating around do.

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I already have the three core books and I have sold on most of my old 3e stuff due to the lack of space Does anyone know if the official PDF’s released are accurate, every post I’ve seen regarding pdf’s is pretty much about the illegal copies floating around and says that they have tons of errors and don’t download them it’s stealing etc which I agree with.

Saturday, 26th November, Are these watermarks d&s The updated pdfs of the core books d&d 4th edition books pdf download already been sent to the pdf dealers, but it seems they d&d 4th edition books pdf download yet to upload them.

Saturday, 30th April, Originally Posted by TheDuck.