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Lance likes Sergio, but doesn’t believe in bisexuality “But you’re attracted to guys, right? In other side, Kimiko and Sergio gave me much trouble. Allie’s overwhelming fetishization Japanese culture and language is bluntly shown and it’s spread throughout the book.

I kinda regreted having bough it for a minute but then I kept reading and things got aalex. Lance, Allie, Sergio and Kimiko are the teens.

When the two of them meet, they have an instant connection–but will it be enough to overcome their differences? Thankfully, Sergio calls him out on it and Lance realizes he is wrong and does for the most part get over his biphobia.

Boyfriends And Girlfriends

Boyfriends with Girlfriends helped me to girlfriend and start to relate to a whole side of people and barriers that never applied to me. I grabbed some sticky tabs after the first chapter bothered me so much. I’m sure teenagers who are gay, trying to figure out their sexual orientation, or even boyfriends with girlfriends alex sanchez pdf download who wish there was a book like this when they were young will really enjoy title.

I will give it that much credit. It was neither girlfriende bad nor too good.

Sergio brings his friend Kimiko, and two sets of crushes ignite. It really depends on you. The people i know who are my age don’t talk like these people, anyone i hang out with doesn’t act like they do. Perhaps it will sownload insight or perspective. Not because I am awkward around the topic of homosexuality, but just because it was treated in a way that I felt wasn’t genuine. We’ve got a Japanese butch lesbian, a Spanish bisexual my fav character; he is so funny and easy-goingan inexperienced gay and a questioning femme girl.

Many of the problems boyfriends with girlfriends alex sanchez pdf download my gay or bisexual friends face are not routed in homophobia, but being judged and defined sancnez which gender they are attracted to. It often felt as if the protagonists had nothing else happening in their lives and no thoughts that did not pertain directly to the three other characters–even some more general musings on their life experiences would have been appreciated.

I know this book was written in so I didn’t expect it to be perfect on the representation but dude this was just boyfriends with girlfriends alex sanchez pdf download.

May 15, Jennifer rated it it was ok. I found myself believing that these kids did exist one the early set up was out of the way and really rooted for each of them to move forward as people.

Boyfriends with Girlfriends

Bisexual Sergio, just got out of a relationship with a girl and Kimiko is our part Japanese lesbian who hasn’t had a real relationship. But on the other, girlfreinds really happens other than discussions of sexuality. Mar 29, Merin rated it it was pef Shelves: In summary, I think boyfriends with girlfriends alex sanchez pdf download Boyfriends with Girlfriends could represent a great outline for a complicated four-person romance, but that plot would have to fit into a larger story with stronger writing to make it a truly satisfying read.

In this novel these teenagers do nothing except discuss their sexuality.

Lance has a date to meet Sergio. Though all four live in nearby ‘burbs of the the same mid-size city, they move through two vastly different social spaces- two going to a “WASPy”, preppy private school and two in an ethnically diverse public school that’s wiith of the roaches”.

I discuss Allie more below. I just did not get with some thoughts and issue that Alex brought. There were some points where basic Spanish is glossed for the reader unnecessarily. Lucky to have not endured too many hardships on account of it, Lance still wants a relationship with someone who isn’t afraid to be with him. During qith time, Alex began to shape a novel about gay teens and their families.

Boyfriends With Girlfriends Alex Sanchez

Besides the obvious issues of sexuality; I found that each of boyfriends with girlfriends alex sanchez pdf download was concerned about other issues–sexual prowlness, lack of passion in relationships, the inabilty to commit after heartbreak and the idea of owning one’s sexual despite one’s culture or family. She has a great personality and a certain softness about her that lets her leave a lasting impression. Kimiko on her own is a really cool character too.

Lance believes that bisexuality is a cop out, yet he finds himself attracted to Sergio and learns more of the this type of sexuality. While I found the storyline between Sergio and Lance merely frustrating – when one of you is ragingly biphobic, and the other’s bisexual, and you’re going to feel the need to be together anyway, at least dig up some chemistry from somewhere, will you?

This inclusion was the only reason I picked it up and kept going throughout it.

Can they find their way together to a relationship? Jan 18, Lala rated it did not like it. I recommend trying it. But when I heard that this book was iwth bisexuals and something not normally coverd in YA I decided to give it a shot.

At first it was a 4. Surely there are better novels with actual boyfrienfs representation than this. Overall, this wasn’t anything particularly amazing but it was enjoyable for the most part. Bait tells the story of teenage boy troubled by secrets from his past. He has his own shortcomings and misgivings, but makes good strides overall.

Oh, wait, that makes no sense. Blending a coming of age story with LGBT issues, Boyfriends with Girlfriends gives the human side of these relationships.