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I sanded the dovetail carefully, taking many breaks mostly because it is such a critical part of the build, a daunting task. I checked the height of a straight edge the 12th fret as the straight edge sat on the first fret and the bridge. I cleaned up the binding and purfling channels with chisel or file as needed.

I set the nut on the layout tool diagram and marked string locations with a sharp pencil. For me building a guitar is a fun project.


The difference is only the scale length. I trimmed the mold to the center line on all four faces where the two halves meet and clamped them together. I live in South Jersey. Duco running out, I got another tube at the local Ace hardware store. This distance should be about 0. Then I filed at the same angle along the fingerboard to try build your own acoustic guitar jonathan kinkead pdf download get all the frets filed at youd same angle and depth:.

[PDF] Read build your own acoustic guitar Book Free

I didn’t know how far to go. The finished guitar was outstanding. So that’s what I did, and it worked quickly, leaving a smooth, scratch-free surface. Gluing Top and Back. There is a slight arch in the edge that I can’t flatten with this short plane.

I had a little snag when I went across the end trim. I watched several YouTube videos before trying again. A comprehensive bibliography; a list of tools, materials, and supply sources; and a full youe complete this uniquely authoritative reference — and essential acquisition — for guitar and craft enthusiasts, woodworkers, and students of instrument making everywhere.

After I scraped the ledge away, I sanded the whole mahogany neck with grit sandpaper:. This build your own acoustic guitar jonathan kinkead pdf download refers duplicate steps back to the electric and focuses on the differences in the build.

Then I routed the little step guitzr the purfling over build your own acoustic guitar jonathan kinkead pdf download back binding channel:. InEric Clapton came across a Wayne Henderson guitar in a recording studio and decided on the spot that he had to have one.

I used my handy bench sander to give the brace a curved bottom. Very fast and easy: I won’t know until the guitar is strung and ready to play.


Nbs Publications Format Available: I dropped this sliver into the saddle slot, to sit under the bone saddle. There are many discussions about slotting the nut with or without expensive nut files.

I put blue masking tape over the seams on the outside to prevent glue from squeezing out and to hold the sides together:. The body needs to be leveled and polished or it needs more lacquer but at least there are no runs:.

You see above that I lifted the tape covering the bridge area. It is located near the Martin Factory, at. Neck relief is checked by holding the string down at the 1st fret and 14th fret where the neck joins the body and measuring the acouetic of the string above the 6th fret.

Bert Van Der Moer Language: While at the Guitar Maker’s Connection in September, I found a nice blond-streaked ebony fingerboard and matching bridge. I’ll try more black tint and test again.