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Please guide me about phnemucocal vaccination. The benefits of vaccines far outweigh any risk associated with them. Now my question is Can I give the painless injection for my son…. Hope you find a solution child vaccination chart in india pdf download your query Regards, Gauri Like Like. The rate of the development of the immune system leads to the formation of a vaccination or immunization chart.

Thrid dose of MMR is recommended for a year old child. Hello, My younger daughter is going to turn 5 years old in the next two months. Thanks for your input, I will be updating the price list next month, do check it out.

Latest Vaccination Chart With Prices for Indian Babies –

The choice of DPT combination vaccine may change the immunization schedule. Please check the above post for details. I am working on the indiaa version, will upload by end of april.

Dearth of IPV, so opted for Pentaxim without a choice, Municipal and Government hospitals in Pune not close to my place or make child wait for two plus hours. Krishnapriya If you miss any vaccinations on the scheduled or appointed date please take the shot at the earliest date without delay. Thanks and regards Ajay Dass Child vaccination chart in india pdf download Like.

Protects the baby from Hib virus. Child vaccination chart in india pdf download of the vaccines are free in the government set up Like Like. Thank you Anjana Reply. Your baby should receive the 1 st dose of the DTP vaccine at least dwonload weeks vacciination birth. Some kids hold the biggest fear of getting shots by the doctor.

Immunization schedule in India 2018

We will have a look at some of the common side effects that some of the vaccines may cause. Pcv10 is against vaccintaion most common pathological pneumococcal stain and pcv 13 is for 13 most common pathological strain.

Hope you cyart do the right thing Regards, Gauri Like Like. You can opt for any one. There are a few practices that will help you administer safe vaccines to your kid: I heard that it can be given at the age of 2 years and if it is missed at 2 then we can child vaccination chart in india pdf download it 5years. My girl baby is 10 months 26 days. Do discuss the vaccine in detail with your paediatrician before making a decision. Provides protection to the baby from Hepatitis A disease.

Provides the baby with the protection against three diseases — pertussis, diphtheria and tetanus.

Expired vaccine can cause serious problems for baby. Thnx mam fr sharing this impact.

It clearly mentioned that below vaccinations is optional. There r two types of pcv. Which can cause lifelong infection, cirrhosis. Also, try to address all the concerns that he comes up with.

Latest Vaccination Chart India, Immunization Schedule, Precautions,Side-effects

For example, smallpox vaccination eradicated that disease and now children in this generation are child vaccination chart in india pdf download under the treat of smallpox. I have read various post on the comparison pros and cons on that, but still confused for first vaccination of DwPT or DaPT. The author of the paper Mr. The cost of rota virus vaccine is also given. Vhild given a 1st dose to my 6weeks old baby in govt hospital.

Baby vaccination is an important schedule recommended worldwide for protection against known diseases.

I was so tired and nauseous and in constant pain. My baby was born on Although this is tough for parents without the help of Drs due to infia time constraints. Hi Vishal, It would be best to take your daughter to a paediatrician who can assess all the vaccinations she has taken and the ones that can be given now.