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Hi Howard, Thanks for your help I’ve checked the motherboard and found the model number on a sticker: Your motherboard is a K8MA series. Originally Posted by chankis. I looked it up and as far as I know it says it’s a Foxconn. To view product photos and other interactive media, Please use one of the following browsers:. It’s not an Emachines PC. I did have a CD with all the necessary mobo drivers, however I can’t seem to find it:

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I seem to have the same mobo. Is it worth upgrading with winfast c51mcp51 mobo, or should I get a new mobo too?

5c1mcp51 I imagine my mobo is discountinued or something. To view product photos and winfast c51mcp51 interactive media, Please use one of the following browsers:. Originally Posted by saor. I tried the RAM last night, and again you are correct should have asked before buying, but the techie said it would the DDR2 is pin winfast c51mcp51 the M?

You are looking for GFX driver, onboard cannot play high 3D games That’s not winfast c51mcp51 motherboard name, Winfast is winfast c51mcp51 a mobo mfg. Ok I done what you said. Foxconn must be their retail wing or some such. And noone advised CPU-Z?

What should I be looking out winfats

WinFast C51MCP51 FAB1.0 Driver

Anyway Winfast c51mcp51 threw my the winfast c51mcp51 my mobo came in away some time back and had to resort to viewing reviews that cited both names in the end. Your motherboard is a K8MA series.

Your Browser is Not Supported To view product photos and other c51mvp51 media, Please use one of the following browsers: Like Crysis or Bioshock I did have a CD with all the necessary mobo drivers, however I can’t seem to find it: I’ve been looking everywhere for an up to date driver for my motherboard.

Hello and welcome to the TSF, you’ll need to tell us what mobo this is for, or check the mobo mfg website for an updated winfast c51mcp51. Originally Posted by PhreakBoy. Winfast c51mcp51 the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, in no event shall LEADTEK or its suppliers be liable for any special, incidental, indirect, or consequential damages whatsoever including, without limitation, damages for loss of business profits, business interruption, loss of business information, or any other pecuniary loss arising out of the use of winfazt winfast c51mcp51 to use the SOFTWARE, even if LEADTEK has been advised of the possibility of such damages.

I’m looking to upgrade winfast c51mcp51, hopefully with a dual core Athlon 64X2. Originally Posted by Qwikslver.

Winfast C51mcp51 Manual Driver

Its component parts may not be separated for use on more than one computer, nor otherwise used separately from the other parts. Winfasst curious why you winfast c51mcp51 the CPU though.

I keep getting the Direct3D error and cannot play my games. Remove Advertisements Sponsored Links.

c51mcp51 Driver

Last edited by PhreakBoy; at Originally Posted by chankis. Register Help Winfast c51mcp51 Me? I suspect you have an Emachine computer, which is using a rebranded Biostar or Foxconn mobo, you’ll have to check the Emachine website for up to date drivers as neither Foxconn winfast c51mcp51 Biostar list that model probably made winnfast for Emachine If you don’t have an Emachine download and run Sandra and see if it gives any additional info about your mobo.

Subscribe to our daily winfast c51mcp51. Software License and Agreement. Winfast c51mcp51 not an Emachines PC. May your life be full of stories. S They are on board graphics However I don’t imagine the game I want to play is very demanding on graphics to be honest.