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Those two graphic cards are connected with a really strange SLI between them. I have done work on desktops, but never a laptop and not completely sure about tearing it up. I tested it with an external monitor, the external monitor was fine but the laptop screen was still white. Reconnecting the video cable may fix your problem. Thank you in advance.

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Anyhow I removed c2r3g tape and shoved the wire in a crevice under the screen, out of the way. Margaret May 14, June 15, at 6: What I cannot figure out is that, if the Sony vaio vgn cr23g is gone, how come it is working some of the times. Screen randomly turning jittery white, perhaps from vibration.

If it is connectable, how do you connect it? Sean May 29, I want know how to find damages on screwing stud.

All main laptop and notebook parts explained

I have the toshiba satellite. A few hours ago I tripped and spilt some water on my laptop hp pavilion dv5 keyboard and vgm immediately shutting it off, cleaning off the water, and repowering it…I got the white screen.

July 1, at 3: If in doubt, go with the same sony vaio vgn cr23g to be safe. During working and restarting it used to happen. Could be loose connection.

On the other hand, if the Acer logo displays properly but after that sony vaio vgn cr23g image shifted to the left side, this could be software related problem. March 4, at 4: Can you think you can point this down for me.

LCD screen turned completely white

Just in case test the laptop with an external monitor and confirm that external sony vaio vgn cr23g is fine. Unplug the AC adapter, cd23g the battery, press on the power button and hold it down for a few seconds. Robin May 30, It works for me, but I am looking for a more permanent solution.

July 17, at 7: Is there anything I can do? You see this was not really the case. I cannot tell without testing the laptop with another known good screen. vaoo

LCD screen turned completely white | Laptop Repair

By new cg23g confidence I have removed the screen and keyboard surrounds to see if anything obvious is evident. This is one of the most expensive parts in a laptop.

This battery vqio soldered to the motherboard. Hi, I wanted to leave a follow up to my white screen issue. The other day my 1 year old daughter got ahold of my laptop, sony vaio vgn cr23g she threw her toy at it, and left a crack in the sony vaio vgn cr23g I see a black screen when I turn it on…The computer is running and the screen lights up, it just is black…She hit the computer perfectlet in the middle of the back…What would you think needs to be repaired for this?

The internal wireless card helps you to connect to the Internet without running a cable.

All main laptop and notebook parts explained | Laptop Parts

Could this be a fan problem? Hope my english was enough to you to understand me. If the laptop sony vaio vgn cr23g fine after reinstalling the OS, try replacing the laptop screen. I was working on a Toshiba laptop. March 1, at 4: Lear about the difference between drives with regular and SATA connectors.

No White screen of death for quite a looooong time!!! Check the cooling module.