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Felix in Germany received a 6 today from the eBay keyhere. Roger had a bricked camera. Here are some common questions that I get through email about the 3 camera. If you try this, do it at your own risk. Ed received a 3 from laptopz-outlet. I have one type of those chinese PMP.

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Jorge received a 8 from linjiechong but the website advertised it was 3.

TXT file that includes the settings for the camera, the hue, backlight, stuff like that and the Firmware files are in the C3 or C6 folder of the vault. The LED flashes 35 times.

Is there a way to increase the battery capacity? When the USB is connected the battery module is charged through the diode, and the resistor labeled 1R5 about 1.

Car Keys Micro Camera Review – Version #3

Christian ordered a 3 but received an variant of the 5 from Meritline. Contacted both sellers for refund or exchange. It is hard to identify who sells it. The ush camera partitions the internal flash memory into three partitions and puts system files anyka usb pen camera two of the partitions.

Michael in Germany ordered a 3 but received a 6 from eletoponline Webcam mode does not work. ISP is not compatible with Tom, Carlos.

I have now bricked killed 2 units how to un-brick. Camera operating current – While USB connected, the total USB current supplies about mA to operate the camera and some additional current to charge the battery. Replaced the bad diode replacement labeled S4 and re-soldered the crystal.

Windows mounted the mass storage device flash card as a anyka usb pen camera letter.

Flashing And Upgrading Chinese MP4 Player Firmware

And where can I get the flashing software? Two from Singapore, and two from Hong Kong. I tried a 9Meg4 2 x 4Meg7 anyka usb pen camera series in parallel to the 2Meg.

Sellers of the 3 by version. Roger had a bricked camera. anykaa

Flashing And Upgrading Chinese MP4 Player Firmware | 01

If you read the firmware from your camera and it is less than 1 MB then the chip is probably 1 MB. When you have heard anyka usb pen camera beeps, the light should be on the so now you can release your finger off the mode button now. Now both cameras work. General still camera device, Sunplusmmbulk The USB cable connected to a good camera will charge a discharged battery 3.

They refunded my money for not being able anyka usb pen camera supply a 3 as promised”. When uploading use the brn file, not the raw file. The camera orientation is horizontal with the buttons up.

If you do the webcam button trick see below when you connect the USB cable, the camera will be a webcam. This is probably where i went wrong the last time anyka usb pen camera. You provide a micro SD Flash card.

Also the 6 firmware size has always been less then 1 megabyte. If you don’t mind, please tell me what’s 3 in your opinion. If your camera is still dead then try the peen reset.

Mailed the seller but no response for 2 weeks, then seller offered full refund. Remove the plastic case and remove the circuit board from the case. If psn notice on the screen grab i’ve done on picture two, you will notice that it says Anyka usb pen camera The full charged LiPo has been disconnected by the protection circuit. Use a quick press of the mode button to reliably end a video. Camerw disconnected – nothing works.