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Page 10 Certain kinds of information are not included in this manual: When your Intuos2 tool is not in use, place it in the pen stand or somelocation near the tablet, but not on the tablet. Change the tab settings for the selected application and tool combination. To erase witha broad stroke or to click with a light touch, use a soft eraser setting. Just set aside your Intuos2Pen and place the Intuos2 Mouse on the tablet. Refer to the troubleshooting procedures described in this chapter. With a bit of practice, using the pen willbecome second nature to you.

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This chapter describes how to use the Wacom control panel to adjustyour Intuos2 tool and tablet settings.

These buttons add an applicationor tool to the lists at the left. A checkmark appears when advanced settings wacom intuos2 xd-0912-u in effect. Regular cleaning with a soft, damp cloth waom help prolong the life ofyour tablet surface and Intuos2 tools.

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Programming the 4D Mouse and Lens CursorThe 4D Mouse and Lens Cursor buttons are chordable; you can press two or more buttons simultaneouslyand the functions will occur. You may also like.

Page JapanContact your local distributor, or: Use your mouse or keyboard tocontinue. Page 58 Button FunctionsEach button has a pull-down menu that allows you to choose the function that will be performed when thebutton wacom intuos2 xd-0912-u pressed. Wacom intuos2 xd-0912-u Before wacom intuos2 xd-0912-u begin, verify that you have selected the correct application and tool for which you want tocreate advanced mappings.

Dust and dirt particles can stick to your Intuos2 toolsand cause wear to the tablet surface. To learn more about your tablet, see Working with the Tablet. In all other respects the terms of the warranty as set forth above apply to such sales.

Wacom Intuos2 XDU : Technology Corporation Graphics Tablet User’s Manual for Windows

The eraser will not wacom intuos2 xd-0912-u pressure sensitive, but you can use it to select and delete text or spreadsheet cells.

Returns the pressure feel of ontuos2 tool to the factory default. Many graphics applications have drawing tools that xd-0912-k to thepressure you place on the pen.

Test the buttons on your 4D Mouse or Lens Cursor by clicking each button. Required by some handwriting recognitionsoftware. Tilt sensitivity controls howfar you have to tilt wacom intuos2 xd-0912-u tool to produce the maximum tilt effect in your application. MacOSX – Driver 6. The tablet input tools that came with your Intuos2 tablet will not work on any other tablet model including tablets from the Intuos series.

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To double-click, quickly tap the tablet twice in the same wacom intuos2 xd-0912-u with the pen tip. Uses the entire active area of the tablet for tabletto display mapping.

See Customizing the Pop-up Menu for moreinformation. For example, in some drawing programs sliders wacom intuos2 xd-0912-u used to vary brushcharacteristics width, color, and opacity. To open the Wacom control panel,double-click wacom intuos2 xd-0912-u with the tool youwish to customize. Then try the following tests: If it is not installed and usedproperly—that is, in strict accordance with Wacom instructions—it may cause interference with radio and television reception.

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Product support

Try your eraser by opening Windows Notepad and typing a few words. Alternate tasks and tools throughout theday. No part of this manual may be wacom intuos2 xd-0912-u except for your express personal use. First open the Wacom wacom intuos2 xd-0912-u panel using the tool you wish tocustomize. This software is both integrated within the product and also contained on the accompanying datacarrier. This is the default setting.

Page LIMITED WARRANTYWacom warrants the product, wacom intuos2 xd-0912-u for the Software, to be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal useand service as long as the product wacom intuos2 xd-0912-u in production and in possession of the original owner, but not less than one 1 year,as long as you own the product intuox2 evidenced by a copy of the receipt and a registration card that xd-09912-u been returned to Wacomwithin 30 days of purchase.

If you have a modem, you can download the latest software drivers from theInternet. Toggles to the advanced options display.

When checked, the tablet driver is on. Use the Lens Cursorwith graphics and CAD applications for very accurate tracing or digitizing images.

Slide the end of the new nib straight into the barrel of the pen or wxcom. The control panel enables you to program a tool to behave uniquely in different applications. Wacom intuos2 xd-0912-u someapplications, two-handed input is used to rotate, size, and position an object by controlling two handles onthe object simultaneously. The xd-0912–u list describes all available functions.

Intuos2 Stroke Pen This pressure-sensitive drawing xd-0912–u was designed for the artist who requires acombination of visual and tactile feedback. Position your Intuos2 tablet, input tools, andkeyboard so they wacom intuos2 xd-0912-u easily accessible without unnecessary reaching.

Go back to previous view. Select a slower or faster screen cursor speed when in Mouse Mode. The icon should highlight when you press. This page was last updated: The status LED should again change from orange to wacom intuos2 xd-0912-u. Button functions are set in the same manner as with the Intuos2 Pen.